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Audio Equipment Reviews

Hello, everyone.

So, this is my new sub-section of my site for, you guessed it, audio reviews.

I would like you to be aware that, as sound is subjective as all hell, take anything you see here with a pinch of salt. This is all what I think and feel about the equipment I use, and I'm just a hobbyist; my experience is with a handful of IEMs, a few pairs of headphones, and one or two speakers.

I do these reviews for fun, so don't expect some extreme "I know everything" big brain behind any of these reviews. I'd like to make this clear as I am aware of the Dunning Kruger effect, and am fully aware that I haven't learnt absolutely everything. I have pretty well-trained ears, but everybody's ears are different. My main goal is to express how i feel about the audio equipment I review, and maybe give you a bit of insight and an extra opinion in case you're looking for one.

Any measurements are done with a BOYA BY-M1 microphone and a 30mm PVC tube. The microphone has been callibrated based upon a Sony MH755 and Sony MH750. All measurements will be done on http://eq.spion.dev/ I will only be include graphs for IEMs that I am able to correctly measure, where there is no issue upon attempting to measure them (such as pressure issues on dynamic drivers). I am currently unable to correctly measure over-ear headphones, and I cannot measure earbuds either at this moment in time. This does not discount them from my database though, and I will still be writing reviews for such products.

Below will be present a list of products in my possession, of which I have reviewed. I'm putting them in categories/tiers; God Tier, Good tier, OK Tier, Low Tier, and Hot Garbage. This could change at any point, of which the change will be mentioned here.

In addition, any opinions stated here could be changed at any point, and any statements could be redacted. We all say stupid things sometimes, and humans make mistakes. Opinions and taste-buds also change.

1 - God Tier

2 - Good Tier

3 - OK Tier

4 - Low Tier

5 - Hot Garbage